Turza production

Music Production

  • Our company is a producer and music publisher.
  • We have a creative production studio - from making music and texts to top musicians.
  • Provide a complete course of recording to produce song - songs.
  • We operate in the opposite way as the large publishers, which initially issued the album, and then followed by a choice of singles, speeches, marketing and "selling" artist, etc.
  • Our Way: Collaboration with the artist and his artistic growth, production and deployment of the single in radios, a series of performances and their own album as a bonus for fans. Selling music online in particular, the songs or the whole album, it just depends on fans taste.
  • In addition to pop music and other genres of music we also produce film and theater music on demand.
  • There is also an option of another advertising music and music production on the client wishes.
  • In selected cases, we can arrange international lobbying to a particular artist.

TURZA Production s.r.o.

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Slovak Republic

Phone: +421 917 876 631