Turza production

Concert Production

  • Our company is a producer of concerts of famous foreign musicians.
  • Organize the entire preparation, marketing, PR and promotion of such an "awsome" concerts.
  • It is the optimal opportunity for non-violent, but well remembered publicizing of your company and creation of a positive emotional connection to your business name with the world famous artists.
  • This concert we can organize on the basis of client requirements. We can prepare you requested performance of world stars, even those that doesn't concert very often.
  • We organize concerts essentially in the most original locations so that the concert will be truly memorable.
  • These are often private and non published concerts for VIP guests. Have you ever seen for example, STING sing in the rock quarry on the extended platform? Not? With us, it's possible ...
  • We will take care of all formalities, permits and organizational.

TURZA Production s.r.o.

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